God Poems


December 25, 2021
Our walk in the garden
The feeling of being in your embrace
Your kiss on my forehead
Your blissful smile

I was a bird with broken wings. You picked me up, dusted me off, and said to me
“I was always with you and I will never leave you. My love for you will give you strength.”
Searching for where I belonged, you said to me
 “You always belonged in my arms”

A message from Father in Heaven
“Your heart is young but your mind is old. 
I made you that way. I gave you my heart, and that's why you are loving." 

I will never forget you were the one with me through my trials
I let go of my wants and needs, my dreams and goals, and I give my life to you.
“If you ever feel alone and rejected, remember, I felt it too.”
I long for home, home is only in your loving embrace Yeshua. 

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