7 Useful Tips Christians Should Familiarise Themselves With

    August 7, 2023

    What does it mean to be called a Christian? A Christian is a follower of Christ Jesus. Christianity isn’t a religion, but a relationship. It’s a relationship-based walk with God. It’s having a one-to-one relationship with God.  A Christians journey does not begin when they step into a Church or pick up a Bible, anyone could do that. A Christians journey begins when they connect with Jesus on a personal level.  It’s only by Jesus connecting with you personally will…

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    Should a Wife Submit to Her Husband?

    Should a wife submit to her husband? The short answer is yes but under one condition. The Bible states the condition in which a wife should submit to her husband.  Wives, submit to your own…

    June 29, 2023
  • God Relationships

    7 Things I Wish I Knew Sooner

    Although I’ve grown and achieved maturity over the years, I still consider myself to be a young woman with a lot more years ahead of me and more wisdom to gain along the way.…

    February 27, 2023
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    Shop for Unique and Affordable Notebooks/Journals

    Journal with style with my new and improved selection of Notebooks/Journals, affordable at only £4.89 per book. Notebook Features: ★ Size: 6″x9″★ Pages: 120★ Paperback & Hardcover available★ High-definition Cover Image Click the Shop…

    January 23, 2023
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    Happy New Year!!!

    To say I am excited to start a new year is an understatement. I am elated! The joy of knowing I am about to embark on a new adventure and explore a new side…

    January 1, 2023
  • God

    Be Still And Know That I Am God.

    Human life is often riddled with storms and turbulence, and you have not lived on Earth if you haven’t faced your share of adversity. One of the reasons why I am team God is…

    December 5, 2022
  • God

    Was Yeshua Black or White?

    When Yeshua lived on Earth was he melanated or not?  What is the complexion of God? Is he an old caucasian man with a long white beard? Where did this idea come from in…

    October 15, 2022
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    My First Book is Officially Out!

    I’ve officially published my first book on Amazon Kindle. The Ebook version is currently available and the paperback version will be available very shortly. How do I get a copy? – Hit the shop…

    August 9, 2022
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    What is Your True Purpose in Life?

    Someone once told me that the greatest thing you can achieve in life is knowing what God’s purpose for you is and doing it wholeheartedly. Being in line with God’s purpose and will for…

    July 22, 2022