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Happy Mothers Day

March 10, 2024

In the embrace of dawn's soft glow, A love, unspoken, begins to grow. A tribute to the heart so pure, A poem for the one I most adore. In her eyes, the stars align, A universe of love, truly divine. A gentle touch, a soothing song, In her presence, I feel I belong. Through the seasons, through the years, She's been the solace for my fears. Her laughter, a melody, so sweet, In her warmth, my soul finds its seat.…

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Be Still And Know That I Am God.

December 5, 2022

Human life is often riddled with storms and turbulence, and you have not lived on Earth if you haven’t faced your share of adversity. One of the reasons why I am team God is how he equips us with words to give us strength and guide us through our storms.  Psalm 46 is one of my favourite psalms. It talks about how God is ever present in our storms and how he shows up to pick us up when the…

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God Poems


December 25, 2021

Our walk in the garden The feeling of being in your embrace Your kiss on my forehead Your blissful smile I was a bird with broken wings. You picked me up, dusted me off, and said to me “I was always with you and I will never leave you. My love for you will give you strength.” Searching for where I belonged, you said to me “You always belonged in my arms” A message from Father in Heaven “Your heart…

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