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Rooting Your Identity in the Kingdom of YHWH.

May 17, 2024

Although I exist on Earth, I and all true followers of Yeshua hail from a different Kingdom. The Kingdom of YHWH. Wherever we go, our identity is rooted firmly in Yeshua Hamashiach, aka Jesus Christ, and all that he embodies. The first thing the enemy of God’s people will attempt to do in this world is to attack our identity. When I use the word enemy I’m not referring to physical enemies. I’m referring to spiritual enemies. The Bible says:…

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Understanding the Compassionate Essence of Good Friday: A Journey of Sacrifice and Redemption

March 29, 2024

What is Good Friday? Good Friday is a significant day in the Christian calendar that commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. It falls on the Friday before Easter Sunday and is observed by Christians worldwide as a solemn day of reflection, repentance, and remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity’s sins. Good Friday is a time for prayer, fasting, and attending religious services that focus on the events leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion, including his betrayal, trial, and crucifixion…

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Happy Mothers Day

March 10, 2024

In the embrace of dawn's soft glow, A love, unspoken, begins to grow. A tribute to the heart so pure, A poem for the one I most adore. In her eyes, the stars align, A universe of love, truly divine. A gentle touch, a soothing song, In her presence, I feel I belong. Through the seasons, through the years, She's been the solace for my fears. Her laughter, a melody, so sweet, In her warmth, my soul finds its seat.…

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8 Traits of God I find Admirable

June 6, 2022

1. God is Holy – this to me is his most important trait. Whatever we choose to do, this is the number 1 trait of God we have to keep in mind. God is Holy. He is righteous. He is pure. He cannot stand sin.  Being created in God’s image, our mission is to work on ourselves daily so we can be as closest to his holy nature as possible. Whatever we do on Earth we have to imagine what God…

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Why a Woman Should Never Compromise on Her Standards.

March 2, 2022

It’s no secret that women have standards when picking romantic partners. At least I hope they do, and I personally believe a woman should NEVER compromise on her standards when it comes to picking a life partner. Your standards should be the deal-breaker in a romantic relationship. It should be a list of terms a man must meet for you to proceed with committing to him. Different relationships require different standards. For instance, family members will automatically be held to…

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God Poems


December 25, 2021

Our walk in the garden The feeling of being in your embrace Your kiss on my forehead Your blissful smile I was a bird with broken wings. You picked me up, dusted me off, and said to me “I was always with you and I will never leave you. My love for you will give you strength.” Searching for where I belonged, you said to me “You always belonged in my arms” A message from Father in Heaven “Your heart…

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Psychology Relationships

Loving an Extremely Unlovable Person. Is Unconditional Love Realistic?

August 21, 2021

What is love? Love is a multi-faceted emotion. Love could be the unbreakable bond of attachment parents have to their children and vice-versa. It could be that bond of friendship you share with that person or people you know will always have your back. It could be that tight feeling you get in your chest when you think of someone you can’t stop thinking of. That special person you go to bed and wake up thinking of. Love is hitting…

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