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Rooting Your Identity in the Kingdom of YHWH.

May 17, 2024

Although I exist on Earth, I and all true followers of Yeshua hail from a different Kingdom. The Kingdom of YHWH. Wherever we go, our identity is rooted firmly in Yeshua Hamashiach, aka Jesus Christ, and all that he embodies. The first thing the enemy of God’s people will attempt to do in this world is to attack our identity. When I use the word enemy I’m not referring to physical enemies. I’m referring to spiritual enemies. The Bible says:…

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7 Useful Tips Christians Should Familiarise Themselves With

August 7, 2023

What does it mean to be called a Christian? A Christian is a follower of Christ Jesus. Christianity isn’t a religion, but a relationship. It’s a relationship-based walk with God. It’s having a one-to-one relationship with God.  A Christians journey does not begin when they step into a Church or pick up a Bible, anyone could do that. A Christians journey begins when they connect with Jesus on a personal level.  It’s only by Jesus connecting with you personally will…

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Why I Chose to Follow Yeshua.

April 8, 2022

I was born into a strong Christian home and was taught to read and meditate on the Bible daily. I grew up learning about YHWH from the Old Testament right up until the coming of Yeshua in the New Testament and I always prided myself on being a steadfast Christian with good knowledge of the Bible. However, at the age of 26, I encountered a traumatic event that made me question my belief in God. I could not understand why…

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