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Young Thug, Gunna, and the 26 Others That Got Arrested.

May 19, 2022

I’ll start off by saying if any or all of the 28 defendants are found not guilty of their crimes then I wish them a safe return home. Innocent people shouldn’t be behind bars but unfortunately, sometimes the justice system gets it wrong, and innocents get locked away while the guilty are left running around in the street. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see how the case unfolds.

Going by what has already unfolded I’m going to share my thoughts on it. Firstly, how do you go from being in the Met Gala to being behind bars days later? How do you go from being a millionaire mainstream artist to complaining to your lawyer that the jail food you are being served while being forced into isolation is inedible? I’ll tell you how. By living in a fantasy. You must be living in la-la land for you to be running around in the streets, getting involved in all sorts of criminal activities, and not realising that a ten-year case is being built against you.

What do we think life is, GTA? I can’t even. I’m still waiting to be invited to that non-existing seminar where someone breaks down in detail the perks of living a life of crime. It’s one thing to be a thief or a drug dealer -that’s bad enough- but a murderer? That’s where the line gets drawn. If you can waste another’s life you have put it out into the universe and to the justice system that yours is disposable as well. We are talking about grown men with kids running around acting like teenagers that just hit puberty. We are talking about millionaires who have made It in life glorifying a life of death and destruction. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Proverbs 9:10. If you have any fear of the creator, you’d understand that the bad should never be glorified. I get that Hip-Hop has an image and a history but these days these rappers be doing too much. Call me old school but I remember a time when the OG rappers spoke about their experience in the streets as a way of cautioning the younger generation from making the same mistakes they made. 

My burning question is this. Didn’t you get into crime to make it off the streets? Now that you’ve made it into a mainstream artist with enough money to literally burn on camera why are you still a criminal? Oh, you gangster? You like to be hard? You like to be all thuggish? You like the respect of your peers when they look at you and go “wow! That man is hard!”. You like all that? Well, there is another side to living a life of crime and selfishly glorifying it on social media for growing children to watch and emulate. The other side is the high possibility of either ending up in a body bag or behind bars regretting your actions. 

I came across a report saying Young Thug was complaining about the jail food being inedible and him not being able to take a bath, blah blah blah. What fantasy world do these young men live in these days? Ever heard of “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”? Grown people talk here. If they are found guilty, I don’t want to hear anyone coming out and saying, “free this person”, “free that person”. Nah friend! It’s called JUSTICE! God himself is a judge that will judge us after death. Nothing wrong with us getting a taste of it here on earth. I’m all for justice being served. Do you know why? Because no one’s life is more important than the other. I don’t care who you are. Your life is just as valuable as the homeless man in the city centre begging for scraps. He’s a living, breathing being with a soul. Why should the woman across the street work her ass off in a nine to five job, save up her money, and open her business just for it to get broken into by people that are too lazy or impatient to toil for their own? How can you be comfortable murdering, stealing, promoting all kinds of violence, and worse polluting the upcoming generation by glorifying that garbage in your music and then turn around and say, “F the police!”, “F the justice system!”? No, you are the villain, and they are doing their job. Someone must speak for the victims. Someone has to make sure they get justice. Life has dealt everyone a bad card. You won’t meet a soul on earth who hasn’t faced their share of adversities. Such is life. Why use yours to damage everyone else? 

These young kids that are going around glorifying death and mayhem and thinking it’s cool need to wake up to reality. It’s not cool. It only looks cool on camera. Look how many gangster Hip-Hop rappers are getting locked up. Why glorify a lifestyle with an end that is bleak at best? I’m not Miss goody-too-shoes, I’ve had my days. Don’t ask me to elaborate. What we are not going to be doing here is self-snitching. That’s my next point. How are you doing all this and immortalizing it in your music so the cops can have an endless supply of nooses to tie around your neck? Thankfully I’m not in that world so I get to observe from the outside and shake my head at how sloppy some of these so-called “thugs” are.

To wrap up my rant for the day, I’m 100% for justice being served. I won’t be a hypocritical black woman and support criminals just because we are of the same race. No. Pull up your big boy pants and listen. You do the crime you better be 1000% ready to do the time. This is the REAL REALITY, not the fake fantasy reality being fed to young black kids these days. You could literally end up dead or staring at 25 to life. This brings me to my most important point. The younger generation. We cannot allow them to be fed such garbage. Their lives are being ruined by these men that can’t stop self-snitching on camera. Let’s all think of the younger generation. They are innocent and should be protected.

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