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Why Playing Sims 4 is Good for Adults Who Need Motivation

August 21, 2021

Anyone who has played the sims game, especially sims 4 knows it’s a simulation game that mimics real-life activities. Your Sim wakes, eats, exercises, goes to work, dates, marries, dies, and the list goes on. A very important part of the Sims 4 game is the aspiration your sim chooses and works towards achieving. The sims 4 provides the gamer with a list of life aspirations to choose from. A list of some of my favorites are:

Athletic aspiration– where you focus on getting healthy, fit, and living longer.

Creativity aspiration– where you complete goals that aid you in becoming a writer, painter, actor/actress, etc.

Love aspiration– gives you the opportunity to become a serial romantic or to find your soulmate.

There are several other aspirations like the popularity aspiration, family aspiration, nature aspiration, public enemy aspiration, and others. I am happy to admit that working super hard to achieve my sims aspiration was one of the most inspirational journeys I went on. I’ll give you an example of an aspiration that propelled me further toward my writing career.

The writing aspiration: as the name suggests, the gamer works hard to make his/her simulation a successful writer with a guaranteed prize and a lucrative income at the completion of the aspiration. Being someone that started writing as a teenager, I found myself stuck as an adult, not having the motivation to work on my passion which was writing. Playing the sims and focusing on the writer’s aspiration jolted me into action as I saw how easy it actually was to complete the aspiration with nothing but tenacity, hard work, and time management. All it took for me to transform my reality was transferring everything I did in the game into the real world, and it worked. The greatest lesson I learned from the writer’s aspiration was time management. In my waking day, I had poor time management skills and I realized it was one of my biggest obstacles when it came to putting productive effort into my writing.

Another inspirational aspiration was the athletic aspiration. Focusing on this aspiration leads to your sim losing weight, getting fit & healthy, and living longer. Regardless of who you are, we can all agree that getting fit and living long is something we as humans covert. For me, watching my sims transform their bodies by putting in the work on the treadmill was the most motivating when it came to me working out and exercising in my day-to-day life.

There are several other aspirations provided by the game that targets a variety of human experiences. My advice to anyone needing inspiration or motivation to achieve their life goals is to play the sims 4. It’s a fun and relaxing way of living your dream life in a simulation. The feeling you get after completing an aspiration might be the extra push you need to turn your simulation into reality.

A word of caution before you embark on your Sim adventure. Know when to stop playing and transfer the lessons learned into your reality. I want to stress this because the aim of playing the game will be defeated if you remain stuck in your simulated life and neglect your real one. No matter the number of rewards you receive for successfully completing an aspiration, if you aren’t working on your real-life aspirations, you will be wasting valuable time. Time is precious. The opposite of what you are hoping to achieve could end up happening if you don’t give yourself a break to put what you have learned into practice. This happens when you get too lost in your simulated life that your daily life begins to look mediocre and uninteresting. You must remember that a video game is not as complex as real life. Simulation games are not designed to replace real-life but to enhance it.

The sims is one of the best-selling games of all time, with millions of copies sold worldwide. The copies aren’t bought by aliens, as far as I know. They are bought by everyday people like you and me. The popularity and success rate of the game suggest that others recognize its benefits be it for motivation, inspiration, entertainment, or stress relief. Feel free to grab a copy and discover for yourself what a simulated version of you can offer the real you.

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