Why a Woman Should Never Compromise on Her Standards.

March 2, 2022

It’s no secret that women have standards when picking romantic partners. At least I hope they do, and I personally believe a woman should NEVER compromise on her standards when it comes to picking a life partner. Your standards should be the deal-breaker in a romantic relationship. It should be a list of terms a man must meet for you to proceed with committing to him.

Different relationships require different standards. For instance, family members will automatically be held to a different standard than friends or lovers. You might have lowered standards for those you call family because oftentimes you’ll have unconditional love for them. The same goes for friends. Things become stricter when dealing with lovers. We don’t hold our friends to the same standards as we do our romantic partners because there is more at stake in a romantic relationship.

Before I go any further, I would like to talk about what women these days refer to as ‘standards’ when picking romantic partners. You ask a group of women what they want from a man, and you’ll get the age-old list: Tall, handsome, rich… blah blah blah. In short what you get is a list of superficial qualities that although are a good addition, aren’t really the most important when picking a life partner.

Think about this for a second. You meet a man, he’s rich and handsome, but is he a good person though? Does he have a good personality? Is he kind to strangers? is he kind to animals? Will he be a good father? Is he Loyal? Is he supportive? Do you share the same beliefs? Do you share the same vision? I could go on forever.

Although it is very important for a woman to have strict standards when picking a man, it is even more important to have the right standards. You don’t want to be that woman who picked a bad man that ticked your superficial boxes and missed out on the right man for you because he either didn’t meet the ‘right’ financial bracket or is an inch shorter than the prince charming you visualized as a child. 

A song with the lyrics: ‘broke boys don’t deserve no p***y’, has had me scratching my head for a while now. What has a woman sharing her body with a man got to do with money? The only relationship sex has with money is prostitution. Only prostitutes give their bodies in exchange for money. If a woman isn’t in the sex industry, she has absolutely no reason to associate sex with money. Sex has nothing to do with money. If you decide to share your body with a man, it should be first and foremost because you share a connection with him and want to deepen the connection by being intimate with him. It should be about what you can both share with each other not what you think he can give you in return. I’m not throwing dirt at women in the sex industry. I’m just saying, if you aren’t a sex worker, don’t think like one. 

I’m bringing all this up because unfortunately, modern society is teaching women to have the wrong standards when picking men. ‘The Tinder Swindler’ anyone? I’m not bashing the victims for what happened. However, when it comes to picking a man, this is when a woman must pull out all her intuitive abilities. This is when she should put what she sees on the outside to the side and focus on who he really is as a person. This is when meeting her standards should come into full play. Scrutinize that man for filth and ask yourself if you would still commit to him if he didn’t have the looks or the money. Pay attention to the red flags.

Patience is a virtue. A woman should be virtuous, and a virtuous woman is patient. Lack of patience to recognise whether a man meets your standards is what has women flooding into terrible relationships, and worse marriages. A woman should be willing to remain single for as long as she can until she has found the right man for her. He mustn’t have eight figures, he mustn’t be the most handsome, but he must be a man that brings you peace. A man that makes you feel loved. A man that puts you first. A man that understands that women are delicate and should be treated as such.

Modern society is literally rotten with ideas being passed around that the only standards women should have when picking a mate is money and looks. Again, they are an added benefit but should not be what makes you commit to a man.

There are a growing number of angry and bitter baby mamas out there because women are compromising on their innate standards and entertaining men they know deep down they have no business entertaining. I’m not saying every single mother has a bum as her baby daddy. It is however a lot more common. If he has more than two baby mothers that should be an indication that you should tread carefully when dealing with him. He may not be a responsible man with standards of his own. There are lots of single men with zero baby mama drama a woman could focus on, however, if you look closely, the reason women flood to men they know have nothing substantial to offer them is money. This is how certain women focus on the wrong standards. The fact that he is showing signs of being irresponsible should automatically override his looks or bank account. This is an example of a standard a woman should never compromise on. Doing this could have you being no more than the next baby mama.

 I’ll also be realistic and say sometimes love (or what we assume is love) plays a part in why women compromise on their standards when picking romantic partners. He’s an abuser, but no “I love him”. He’s The Tinder Swindler, but no “I love him”. How many times have women used the “I love him” phrase to justify dating the wrong men? It gives love a bad rep. As a woman, you must understand that love is a two-way thing. If he isn’t treating you like he loves you then you should assume that he doesn’t and use the nearest exit sign. Let the door hit him on your way out. Just kidding, I don’t condone violence.

There are so many other things I could say on the topic of picking the right man but I will finish up by saying a woman’s standards are there to protect her from the wrong men. Her standards are the initial screening process used to separate the yes’ from the no-nos. It will be to a woman’s detriment to compromise on her standards for shallow and superficial qualities that are frankly very replaceable. Don’t be stuck in the wrong relationship with a man that only has to offer what you and several other men can offer you while neglecting a man who has what no other man can give you. 

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