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Be Still And Know That I Am God.

December 5, 2022

Human life is often riddled with storms and turbulence, and you have not lived on Earth if you haven’t faced your share of adversity. One of the reasons why I am team God is how he equips us with words to give us strength and guide us through our storms.  Psalm 46 is one of my favourite psalms. It talks about how God is ever present in our storms and how he shows up to pick us up when the…

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What is Your True Purpose in Life?

July 22, 2022

Someone once told me that the greatest thing you can achieve in life is knowing what God’s purpose for you is and doing it wholeheartedly. Being in line with God’s purpose and will for you is where you will find peace and happiness, and where you will be most successful. When I was unsatisfied with the person I was on the inside and on the outside I had a hunger for the world and the things in it. I wanted…

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Kim Kardashian Wasn’t Wrong. Forget the Messenger and Grab the Message!

March 12, 2022

So social media is going crazy over Kim K’s advice to women in business. I don’t have an issue with what she said. She said, if you want to be more successful as a woman in business, you should work harder, have a good work ethic, surround yourself with hardworking people that love what they do, have a good work environment, etc. What part of what she said was wrong or offensive? People need to chill the fudge out. Literally,…

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