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Tip Toe, Tippy Toe…

October 4, 2021

Tip Toe, Tippy Toe. Mind where your feet go. Tip Toe, Tippy Toe. Tippy Toe out of there. Tip Toe, Tippy Toe. Mind where the mind goes. Endless streams of thoughts...The brave must go. Patience grows in fields of Sunflowers. Lions roar in Caves of majestic thunder. A woman soars on wings of virtuous glory. Beauty thrives in hearts of stilled Lovers. Tip Toe, Tippy Toe. Where shall we go? Tip Toe, Tippy Toe. We go where the Lion sleeps.…

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Psychology Relationships

Energetic Cords. How are They Created & What are the Pros and Cons?

September 29, 2021

What is an energetic cord? An energetic cord is an invisible cord that connects together two people that have had an interaction. It is also known as a soul tie. The interaction that leads to the formation of this cord of connection could be emotional or sexual, but not limited to these. It can be formed between lovers, family, friends, ex-partners, enemies, etc. Having a strong emotional connection or reaction to a person is usually all it takes to form…

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