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The Fountain of Youth! 8 Easy Tips That Are Guaranteed to Shave Years Off Your Appearance

January 30, 2022

As I often like to start my posts with a disclaimer, here is one. I am in no way a medical professional, neither have I sailed the Seven Seas in search of the fountain of youth. I am however a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean… but who isn’t?  Moving on. What I will be sharing in this post are tips that have worked for me over the years and have helped me maintain a more youthful appearance. I’ve realised…

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My 2 Weeks in Seclusion + Detox and Cleanse Diet. What Were the Benefits?

October 31, 2021

A few months ago, I got the urge to go into seclusion. It wasn’t really a new feeling as I’m an introvert and I enjoy my alone time. However, this time the urge was more intense and compelling. It felt almost like my body wanted me to disconnect completely from the world and reconnect with itself. I spoke to my brother about this, and he suggested I research spending a weekend in a monastery. Monasteries are famous for housing nuns…

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