April 28, 2022
“You shouldn’t be happy, why are you?”
Your path has been decorated with thorns, cacklers, and narcissists. Why do you still go on?
Your lips have been laced with poison. why do you still speak the truth?
Your hair has been bound by lies, why does it still grow to the heavens?
“You should be afraid, why aren’t you?”
You’ve been towered over by infrastructures that will crumble.
Guided by a lighthouse that leads ships to their captivity.
Followed by footsteps strategically placed to lead the weak-minded into Arkham.
“This should have worked, why hasn’t it?”
You claim to be the builder of the mazes… the ruler of the matrix.
You claim to have the gift of sight. Yet you missed your inevitable imprisonment.
You strut with wings designed to deceive. But not all wings are those of Angels.
“The end should have come. Why hasn’t it?”
You glance at your watch as you wait. Tic Toc. Tic Toc.
“Anytime now, the end should come.” You say to yourself through gritted teeth.
You wait for an end you will never see… because the end is just the beginning.

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