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Kim Kardashian Wasn’t Wrong. Forget the Messenger and Grab the Message!

March 12, 2022

So social media is going crazy over Kim K’s advice to women in business. I don’t have an issue with what she said. She said, if you want to be more successful as a woman in business, you should work harder, have a good work ethic, surround yourself with hardworking people that love what they do, have a good work environment, etc. What part of what she said was wrong or offensive? People need to chill the fudge out. Literally, none of what she said was wrong. People are hating because Kim Kardashian said it.

If someone like Oprah, Tony Robbins, or Michelle Obama had said the same thing no one would have had an issue with it but because Kim K said it we want to throw stones? Can we be real for a second? Kim K strikes me as a hard-working woman. It couldn’t have been easy walking around in that Balenciaga caution tape. Whether she was getting paid for that or whatever, that takes a lot of balls. 

I think one of the reasons folks are so upset is because she was born privileged. There are lots of people who are born privileged but end up poor. Kim expanded her empire because she worked hard. If it’s easy to put out a sex tape then everyone should do it and gain notoriety and fame for it. Kim is a businesswoman who isn’t afraid to do what it takes to get farther ahead in life. 

How easy do people think it is for you to have your daily life documented for the world to see? How easy is it to pose for playboy? How easy is it to have the whole world watch and comment on your sex tape? How easy is it to be married to a man like Kanye? We see what’s going on with their divorce. My point is that all this takes a lot of balls and hard work. She didn’t build a multimillion-dollar empire just because she was born privileged, she did it because she worked hard. If you don’t think that’s hard work, go do it yourself. 

I understand the sensitivity of people that have to work their asses off and still struggle to make ends meet but can we be real for a second? that doesn’t change the fact that her message was absolutely correct. If a motivational speaker had said it, we would all be jumping from our seats and applauding but because Kim K said it everyone wants to hate.  Forget the messenger and grab the damn message. She wasn’t wrong. Before coming for a woman that everyone loves to hate try doing the opposite of what she said and see how that works out for you. Build your business in a toxic work environment and employ people that hate what they do and show up late for work because they have poor work ethics. Stay in bed 20 hrs and spend only 4hrs of your day working on your business or passion and see how that works out for you. 

That’s another thing that went over a lot of people’s heads on their quest to demonize Kim K. She said “women in business”. I’m guessing she’s referring to women that are building their own businesses. People straight up went for her because they assumed she was referring to the clerk or teacher who works 9 to 5, five days a week, and picks up extra hours in the supermarket over the weekend to make ends meet. She said “women in business”, as in ‘business women’. Regardless of whom she was referring to though, there was still nothing wrong with her message, or the fact that she said it. I will risk getting stoned to add that there are other ways to make money as a woman. You can become a stripper or a pornstar. Sell your sex tape. How do you like the sound of that? Not very easy is it? That’s what I thought. 

If there is one thing I dislike, it’s injustice. Let’s be fair and honest. Don’t hate on the messenger because you think she has had it ‘easy’. I don’t see how her come up was easy but whatever, I get it, she was born rich. But why does that disqualify her from giving advice on how to work harder to be successful? Who would you rather give you advice on how to be successful? Someone who already is successful or someone who isn’t? Also being born into money isn’t the same as knowing how to make money. Obviously, the backlash is because Kim Kardashian said it, and when have people not jumped on any opportunity to hate on her? Ultimately, If the advice is sound take it and move on, who cares who said it?

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