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Energetic Cords. How are They Created & What are the Pros and Cons?

September 29, 2021

What is an energetic cord?

An energetic cord is an invisible cord that connects together two people that have had an interaction. It is also known as a soul tie. The interaction that leads to the formation of this cord of connection could be emotional or sexual, but not limited to these. It can be formed between lovers, family, friends, ex-partners, enemies, etc. Having a strong emotional connection or reaction to a person is usually all it takes to form an energetic cord or bond. Emotional energy is transferred via this cord and the bond can be felt from anywhere on the planet.

It sounds super intimate and intense to think you could be sharing an energetic bond with another person, doesn’t it? Hold on to your horses! You have to understand that having an energetic connection to another is an open doorway for energy to be drawn from one person to the other. This can be draining, especially if the bond isn’t between two people that are ready to nurture the relationship. Imagine sharing an energetic bond with a friend, partner, or family member that is emotionally or psychically needy and co-dependent, not exactly a fun experience. Or sharing a cord with an ex-partner long after a breakup. Total no-no!

Energetic cords sound like a huge deal but they can be very simple. Have you thought of someone and suddenly your phone starts to ring and it’s them? It could be that you share an energetic connection to them. Cords can create an enhanced psychic connection between two individuals.

The most common groups known to share energetic cords are lovers. The cord is often formed during sexual intercourse, or by having a strong enough emotional connection to your partner, sex isn’t always necessary.

As mentioned above these cords can also be formed between family members, friends, and enemies as well.

Are energetic cords necessary and healthy or should they be broken?

A Mother has a neediness for her children that makes her want to keep them close, which in turn eases her children’s fear of abandonment.

Not all energetic cords are toxic and should be broken. Sharing a bond with another can be helpful for both parties. Imagine the bond between a mother and her children, she could use this connection to send love consciously or subconsciously to her children. Sharing an energetic cord with a friend or lover can be useful as well as it helps to deepen the relationship and improve understanding. Think of couples that finish each other’s sentences, or friends that just get each other. These are all examples of a positive energetic connection.

Have you met someone you can’t get out of your mind no matter how hard you’ve tried? Do you constantly have obsessive thoughts about another person? Do you often speak of a particular person in a judgmental way? Do you suffer from unhealthy habits and addictions or experience feelings of unexplained sadness? Chances are you are experiencing the negative effects of an energetic bond. Having an energetic connection to the wrong person can be unbearable and distracting and can negatively interfere with a person’s day-to-day life. You should use your discernment to tell who you should or shouldn’t be bonded to.

Unhealthy cords of connection/attachment can be draining for both parties and feel burdensome.

In the Religious/Spiritual community, there are beliefs that certain people share energetic bonds created by God and therefore should not be tampered with. I’m a romantic and I’m all for sharing an eternal bond with the one you love, however, it’s not for me to say who God intends for me to be bonded to, my advice will be to constantly clear your energy field just in case. Whatever needs to remain will remain.

How should energetic cords be broken?

Unless of course the bond was created by God it only takes one person to clear the energetic cord and it will be cleared from both ends.

Breaking a toxic energetic cord can feel like a heavy burden lifted off your shoulders by your creator.

I’m not an expert on cord breaking but I’ll say pray about it. Ask God to step in and clear away any, and all toxic energetic connections in your life. You want to float through life with ease like a feather not burdened or held down by unnecessary or unwanted emotional ties that do not contribute positively to your life.

Other ways:

– Take salt baths to keep your energy field clear. Humans are made of electricity, and salt conducts electricity. Not convinced that this will help break a toxic energetic connection? Take a salt bath anyway! It is proven to help build immunity, increase energy, balance alkalinity, soothe muscle injury, promote restful sleep, improve skin health, boost overall health. Need I convince you anymore?

– Use your mind. The mind is a very powerful tool (hence the post). We can do a lot with our minds. Visualise the person you believe you share a bond with and break it using your mind, this should work. Be sure to train your subconscious mind to stop connecting to that person that way. It’s human nature to want to attach to things and people.

– Use your words. Words are another powerful tool. Speak it into existence.

On a more positive note, if you have met someone you feel you share an energetic cord with and you believe the connection is positive, my advice is to nurture the bond and send love their way. That’s the whole essence, isn’t it? To support the other from a distance. A little positive emotion sent the right way could make a huge difference in another’s life.

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