• God

    Knowing Your Authority in Yeshua Hamashiach

    The greatest lesson I learnt on my journey with God is the power and authority I have in Yeshua Hamashiach.  When Yeshua died, his blood formed a binding contract that was signed by God…

    July 7, 2022
  • God

    The Power of Prayer

    Prayer is talking to God. It isn’t reserved for the righteous alone. It’s free of charge and available to everyone. Why is communicating with God on a daily basis important? During our time in…

    June 21, 2022
  • God

    8 Traits of God I find Admirable

    1. God is Holy – this to me is his most important trait. Whatever we choose to do, this is the number 1 trait of God we have to keep in mind. God is Holy.…

    June 6, 2022
  • God Poems

    Spiritual Warfare

    Many are called, but few are Chosen. Guard your hearts and minds, and fill your days with fasting and prayer. For we battle not against flesh and blood but with forces of wickedness in…

    May 24, 2022
  • God Poems

    All Praise to the Most High God.

    Look into my eyes and tell me what you see. Do you see fear? What you see is your own destruction. All praise to the Most High God. Take a piece of my flesh…

    April 29, 2022
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    Why I Chose to Follow Yeshua.

    I was born into a strong Christian home and was taught to read and meditate on the Bible daily. I grew up learning about YHWH from the Old Testament right up until the coming…

    April 8, 2022